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At Hurleyhaus Rottweilers, we are just a small hobby kennel with a passion for Rottweilers. We have real jobs five days a week and in our spare time we have sports with our son and playtime with our son and the dogs. The rottweilers are members of our family.

Hurleyhaus Rottweilers | Rottweilers For Sale in Holts Summit MO |

All of our rottweiler puppies are socialized and loved so much that we grow very attached to our rottweiler babies and get tears in our eyes when they leave. I have been around Rott's since the 80's and I finally got my first one in 96. His name was Shank and I got him as a puppy right here in our town and he blessed us with thirteen great years. Since then we have slowly progressed to importing our Rottweilers from around the world and we are striving for our Rottweilers and Rottweiler puppies to have great health, temperament, breed standard and training ability.



Hurleyhaus Rottweilers | Rottweilers For Sale in Holts Summit MO |

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